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April Fools’ Day 2015 Round – Up

Another year, another chance for large, apparently ‘trustworthy’ organisations to try and deceive us all with rubbish stories and cringe-worthy pranks. April Fools’ Day, for most, is a day to take with a pinch of salt. For the unfortunate few though, I can only imagine it is a stressful day riddled with lies and deception. If you think you might fall into this bracket you should just stay away from the internet entirely on the 1st April for the rest of time (or just don’t share anything on social media) to avoid embarrassment.

For all the gullible people out there, I have scoured the internet and made this list of some of my favourites from 2015 in the hope that next year you will be better prepared and ready for the onslaught.

Google Maps & Pac-Man

Its safe to say that Google are usually the champions of the internet prank world. This year was no exception with the addition of Pac-Man to Google maps. Which, when clicked will transport you into Pac-Man’s 2D world along the usually familiar streets of your home town with Pinky, Blinky, Inky & Clyde for company.



2014 was declared year of the selfie, so off the back of that I think its safe to say that 2015 is the year of the selfie stick. Coming into 2015 it would only make sense for it to be the centre of a lot of companies’ April Fools’ pranks.

This year we had selfie shoes from miz mooz, a Twelfie stick from Twitter, Chrome Selfie to capture reactions faces and Honda even brought us the HR-V Selfie Edition with 10 different selfie cameras positioned around the car with hands free uploads.



Tinder + Uber

This apparent collaboration lets you swipe right and book an Uber to meet your newly found lover halfway. This is one of the better ones flying around the internet as it is actually fairly believable and unlike the remainder it even managed to fool me.




CERN researchers proved that scientists do have a sense of humour with an article on their official site saying that they have proved the existence of the Force. With quotes by Ben Kenobi from the University of Mos Eisley, Tatooine I think that this one was fairly obvious unless you’re not a fan of Star Wars.


Not so much of a prank but retro throwback. Amazon US reverted back to its roots yesterday and showed users what it was like to try and buy things from them back when computers were the size of a (mini fridge).


So, what do you think ?