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Why is it important to develop an authentic professional presence online?

The creation of the internet has completely changed the way the world works and it has introduced a whole new dimension to the recruitment game. An article in the Guardian stated that nearly 90% of employers now use the social media as part of their recruitment process, showing just how important it is to to develop an authentic representation of yourself online. If an employer Googles you it is crucial that they find something, even if it is small, as that is better than nothing at all.

The easiest way to develop a professional online profile is to create a LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date. With nearly 100 million users it holds a huge pool of professionals both in and out of work. In this day and age you need more than just a paper CV and covering letter to stand out, and LinkedIn provides employers with just that. They even provide a 5 part video series on Youtube for graduates to help develop to strong profile, and the second video in the series is relevant to the subject of this topic. They talk about the 5 golden rules and amongst the obvious points they mention that it is important to write a keyword rich summary of yourself and provide helpful recommendations. Although their points may seem fairly obvious, they show how easy it is to develop an authentic profile online.

Other ways to develop an authentic online profile can depend on the industry you wish to apply for, for example within the creative industry it is now becoming common to ask for a video resume. According to Article Alley it allows employers to see “something extraordinary from your side, and you can let them feel, see and even hear each word that you say, expressing yourself and capabilities through the video resume”.

A further important way to develop an authentic profile is to link all of your online profiles together. For example, you can connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, personal blog and any other mediums in one place to make it easy for employers to gauge an accurate and authentic view of you from your online profile via a comprehensive profile portfolio.

So, what do you think ?